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That Rockin’ Stone!

The stone in my ring rocks a little bit when I press on it. Do I need to worry about it?

Oh yes! You definitely need to worry about it, because you’re about to lose your stone! Take off your ring immediately and get it to a jeweler.

It could have received a hard knock and the prongs were moved a bit. This is a very easy repair for your jeweler, taking only a few minutes and is very inexpensive.

More probably, it needs the prong(s) retipped. This is where a bit of material is added to the top of the prongs. It’s moderately inexpensive and will save your much costlier stone.

Occasionally, the stone will need to be removed to do this, and a new seat for the stone will be cut. This is more expensive, but you have to take into consideration the loss of the stone otherwise, not to mention the sentimental value.

Things that are worn on an everyday basis, such as a wedding ring, need to be checked at least once a year for loose prongs or settings, and to get a good cleaning.

If you wear your string of pearls several times a week, it will need to be restrung every year. If you wear them only occasionally, they need to be restrung every 2-3 years.

Would you rather wear that special piece of jewelry or prefer to have it sit in a jewelry box?

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What can I do with a broken chain?

Whether the chain is silver or gold, it’s not so much about the cost of the metal, as it is the cost for the labor. Gold chains are almost always worthwhile to repair because of their cost. With silver chains, you’ll have to weigh whether the cost of the repair is going to exceed the value of buying a new chain.
But still, a lot depends on the type of chain it is, and where the break is. If the break is close to the end where the fastener is, then usually it just needs a new tip or jump ring soldered on, and it’s only a smidgen shorter than it was. It it’s a very fine chain, such as a triple rope, and the break is more towards the middle, then it takes time to reweave the links and repair them. It can be very labor intensive and costly.
Sometimes actually fusing the broken area of the chain works and is hardly noticeable. Another option you might consider is making a shorter chain for a young child or teenager, since their necks are smaller than adults. One or more bracelets can be made out of the broken chain, if the type of chain is suitable for a bracelet.                             
You can always walk into a jewelry store that does repairs and ask what your options are. The jeweler will be happy to help you with your question.

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