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Introductory Metal Etching Workshop in Lander, WY!

Want to do something really neat, artsy, personal and a one-of-a-kind creation?

Saturday, September 29, 2011, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., I’ll be teaching a fun workshop in metal etching in Lander, Wyoming.

You don’t have to have any kind of previous experience to take the class. This is a fun class for newbies to get your little pinkie toe wet, nothing serious. You’ll go home with a few completed projects, depending on which metal blank shapes you use for your etching.

We’ll be using non-caustic chemicals for the etching. This doesn’t mean it’s non-toxic, but we follow proper safety procedures, and if you happen to get a little bit on you accidentally, it’s not going to burn holes in you or stunt your growth. In fact, the chemical we’ll be using, ferric chloride, is used for a number of things, including dying wool and staining concrete.

We’ll be using direct resist methods, which means that we’ll be using paint pens and epoxy paint to make designs. You can etch sayings, a name or artwork onto your metal.

Not an artist? Not to worry, because for some reason even the most crude drawings seem to transcend into something special when it’s on metal. It really does look entirely different and special than a line drawing on paper. Trust me on this! I suuuuuck at drawing, but freestyle comes out looking fabulous.

You can get information on the class by going to LAC’s website here:

Sign up as soon as you can so we can be sure to have enough supplies on hand!