On the Bench

I’m not a big fan of citrine, but this one sure caught my eye. Orange, double cut star, decahedron (12 sides), 13+ carats. Ah! Nothing like a setting challenge!

Big orange citrine faceted gemstone

Orange citrine faceted gemstone

I’ll have more about the setting and how it was made in a Storybook Jewelry feature, but I decided to keep the emphasis on the stone itself, the setting had to be minimalist. So here’s a picture of the necklace with the lovely setting on a neck wire.

Big citrine necklace

Big faceted orange citrine necklace

Here’s another view:

Big orange citrine necklace

Big faceted orange citrine necklace

The neck wire looks odd because it’s not sitting on a neck form. It’s shaped to lay on the collar bones so as to not stick straight out. I also found out I need to turn the termination 90 degrees so it’ll flat against the neck. Duh! Obvious things are not always apparent right out of the gate.

And it’s on its way to a gallery exhibition!


About jazznjewelry

Handmade art jewelry with in-your-face style is my trademark statement. I use luscious stones, textural patterns, ancient techniques, combined into contemporary designs that I fabricate by hand.

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